Doin’ it scared

I’m very scared

A lot of the time

An idea strikes

The future reveals itself

I think about where I’m being called into

And there’s just a whole lot of

Heart racing, internal world spinning

There is no way in HELL I could possibly do that

Sometimes, I freak out about how scared I am

I remember everything I want is usually waiting for me on the other side of the fear

That fear is the clue that’s leading towards my most rapid expansion

And I become scared of being scared


I can’t do this, I will often declare to the Universe

Nope, no, no thank you

I seek solace in comfort

I convince myself – sometimes for minutes, sometimes a few days – that actually, I’m really okay with living a mediocre life

Who needs ambition anyway?


Then the calling comes

The restlessness; usually a subtle reminder

That I’m not playing full out, or operating at my best

‘Fine,’ I think, ‘No more I’ll shrink’

And I launch myself back, into the wide blue drink

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