I looked up the word ‘integrity’ the other day.

I was concerned, because sometimes I do things – or I want things – that the world tells me are “wrong” or “not good for me to want”, but they feel, to me, so damn good, pure, and holy, that I can’t help but think they’re God expressing itself through me for a little while.

And guess what?

It doesn’t mean, “always doing what the world has told you is this right thing all the time”.

Because what the hell is “always doing the right thing” anyway.

It means internal consistency.


“The state of being whole or undivided.”


I’ve felt conflicted almost my entire life. Inner emotional battles of the most EPIC proportions that have left me – split – in so many ways, have raged within me.

Now, I choose, to no longer be conquered by being divided.

I am returning to wholeness.

I am WHOLE-ly.

Because I am at One with myself.


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